Shiny and Soft

One of the biggest nights is round the corner, only few days away actually and I' m not sure bout you but I am stressing bout my outfit. What do I wear? What shoes? Makeup? Etc. I don' t even know where I' ll go. So I decided to do what we all would do. I looked back at some of the most festive and most iconic looks our fashion queen wore.
 One thing I learned years ago and reminded myself now is, as long as you love what you wear and add sparkle, fur or anything vintage, you will slaaaaay.

 Maybe adding something luxurious or a family hand down could do good. Just make sure you have fun ladies.

Sequin dress, €24 / Sans Souci long jacket, €67 / Giuseppe Zanotti black stiletto, €580 / Metallic purse, €25 / Crystal jewelry, €7,01 / Lip makeup, €8,35 

 or you can do your own research obviously. I actually chose my own NYE outfit whilst writing this post so I do hope this will inspire you.
Make sure to have fun and tag me in your instagrams if this inspired you. x

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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