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In case you are the OG reader aka original reader and you been loyal for a while, you know why I am making this post. In case you are a newbie- welcome, hi! I am Deni and I used to be a ginger head and I loved it-! I am still obsessed with these tones and the way it makes you feel warmer, wilder and all is just amazing. I still have days when I wanna grab that 7.44 or 8.46 or so and slap it on my head.
Lately I realised my instagram is filled with red heads or ginger ladies and a lot of peoplearound me decided to go for this hot hair color. So, here came a post idea. I want to share my top 5 instagram accounts that will make you book a hair appointment and go RED! Enjoy and than me later.
First I´d start with the one most innocent looking. She has been my blogger inspiration since I was probably 14. Actually one of the reasons I started my own blog. Rebecca aka A Clothes Horse. Her insta looks a bit like a dream. Full of travels, fun, and currently FALL! She had tried some other hair colors since I knew her but she knows red is best.
Another one is this German rocky, edgy, cool girlie SunnyHope aka "Feuer Fangen" . She is a blogger and kind of insta famous chick. I found her once whilst scrolling through my search page and really like the vibe of her pics that day. And I still do. She has her own type of fashion and love photography. And it is fair to say I love her photography. 

This lady from San Diego hit me closer to my heart. Not only she has such natural copper crown of beauty, she is also a barber! Lady Barber! As I am one of them myself I so appreciate seeing some of her work on her insta. And she is damn good! Oh and also as I am not too much of a cat lady, she is doing a great job at making me really like these purring creatures. Oh and she clearly knows how to rock that red lippy with this fire head. Love!
Cuttie called Jem aka _jemmawade . Damn I though I am good in eyeliner. She puts my skills into shame. What I love most bout her hair is the 70s feel it gives me. Then she adds that style of hers and you go green with jealousy. I swear. I mean just check her insta and you´ll understand. 

And last but sooo not least is my all time favorite redhead and inspiration Lua aka Luanna90. I have tried to get inspired by her fashion ever since I found her blog and then I grew some balls and went red and included ombre and all. And oh my. Just pure love for this lady.

Every single one of these ladies is completely different and there is a bit of them that inspires me and gives me bit of hair envy every day. What do you think tho?! What you go red? Are you red? DO you know anyone I should know?
Let me know in comments bellow and..
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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