Pinks and Silver

As a hairstylist I know a lot about trends and styles that are in now and will be soon. But also I see a certain pattern in what my clients are asking me to do. I am actually very happy to say that they all got bit more adventures lately and are going for more fun styles then before.
Most of my clients are asking for crazy colors, mostly PINK, purples or any pastelised version of those.
If they can´t go for something as bright  we often opt for silvers, steel, greys. Which also make me bloody happy since I am a big fan of these cool tones.
So I wanted to put it together a bit and show you things I did (and actually took pictures of) and share our little inspiration. Cause who knows, maybe this will give you that push to try some of these yourself.

There is too types of people. There are the once that like a change but very subtle and slow. Making their hair look very naturally silver. Then there are those who like to shine.
These four pictures of my work actually show why I love my job. Every single client got a different technique and work on her hair. I got to each single silver tone a different way. And we loved all of them.

As far as pinks and purples go this is where it goes super adventures. It is all just a play with colors and sort of let´s see what happens approach. It isn´t a magic. It is simple creativity. 

Same goes with these, to some it might seem like the same hair color when in reality there is a purple made out of micro blue,pink and purple strands. simple madness of two shades of vibrant pink. Mix of burgundy, magenta and pink. And as last and personaly favorite a nice balage of purple and pink.

Tell me, what are your current favorite trends and colors? Are you rocking any of these?
Let me know and maybe tag @denivev on your insta pics so I can see.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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