Wish I wore : Basic Me

Nothing wrong bout being basic. In a way. There are days when I want to be out there! Make a statement. Then there are some when I couln´t get any more basic. Seriously! And sometimes I meet my moods somewhere in the middle. On those I wish I had these stuff in my closet to make myself feel good bout my life choices. Let´s see ahah
There is something bout this shirt that just talked to me. I was seriously dawned to it. And the rest of the outfit just made sense ahaha. If you saw my last outfit of the day post you know that this combination was my uniform for last few weeks. It is crazy comfortable cause of the jeans and vans slip ons. You can cover up, add layer or -as I do- hide your bum by tying flannel round your waist. And then just accessorize. That is a part where YOU decided how fancy or casual you wanna be. Maybe you want some grunge, maybe you wanna be posh, 90s?!  I added DIOR glasses that I am obsessed with, bit of shine this the bag and little "jenny from the block" vibe with the hoops.

This is another outfit you would definitely see me rocking IRL. Simple and comfy dress is a must in woman´s wardrobe. Plus this number is so versatile. I love layering, especially at this time of a year when you have no guarantee of the weather. Leather jacket is something I wear everyday and simple sweater with an interesting cut would add real chic feel. Booties give you little height but keep it rock chick looking, bit of color with givenchy and cat eye sunnies. Once you layer the clothes you might as well layer the necklaces right? In over all you have something you´d see in movies like LOL or even in Gossip Girl.

As last I have my currently fav look. This is my "trust me I am a good girl, ignore those horns and all" type of look. The skirt, Dc.Martens and backpack give a school girl feel and adding jacket, basic stripes AND a choker gives 90s vibe. I am just digging it. Need it all in my life asap.

Which one of these looks is your fav? What other basic pieces should I style next?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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