Suit Up Ladies and Getlemen

I have mentioned in my previous post that I have a job now, right?! And I am there basically 24/7. My job includes wearing smart/business clothes so I am on a hunt for great suits, pencil skirts, comfortable pumps, nice briefcase kind of bag and all that cool stuff that would make me look like a real business woman. Keep reading to see what I like and would like to get for my closet.
Also, most of my colleagues are men so I see males in suits on daily bases which makes me love them even more then I did before. And who doesn´t like men in suits, right girls?!

All I wear lately and I really need to stock up on are pencil skirts and cigarette pants. Also adding a great bag and beautiful pair of shoes is an essential.
 Since it is still really cold in the UK I need to wear a coat over too. I love beautiful and classy coats that is why I also did a lot of posts about them before and now I want to have the biggest collection ever!
 Oh cigarette pants! SO comfortable and chic aren´t they?! And here in next few pics you can see how great and unique a combination of black and white can be. It ain´t have to be boring!
 Men in suits can be bloody attractive! Trust me I know ahah. There is something about the "power" that is behind them. Makes them look real powerful and we all like that don´t we?!
 I love those little touches they can add to their look. Adding a pop of color with a tie, handkerchief or a pair of socks. Oh and a nice expensive  watches are also a must have for every business guy.
 I mean look at them! Don´t they look hot, powerful and elegant as hell?! Do you prefer your men in suit or jeans and converse shoes?!

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