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Hello beautiful sweet red velvet cupcake faces! 
I have already done a few TAGs here on my blog, but there was none for last couple of months so I thought it is time to do something with it. One of my fav bloggers Frances from FrancesCassandra did this TAG about reasons a blogger writes, how and a few others. I was so amazed by her answers! It also made my think about me and my blog. And I came up with a few good answers of my own so I thought I´ll give this TAG a go and share my thoughts with you.....

What am I working on ?
Currently I am starting a NEW series here on my blog called DeniDoesUK which is going to be about my experiences and feelings while I try a life in the UK. I am also going to
share vlogs and hauls on my YouTube channel so in case you want to see those go and subscribe. ;) 
I am also hoping to meet a lot of British bloggers that I am supporting for years and maybe doing some collaboration posts, photo-shoots or videos. 

How does my writing differ from others in my genre?
Well all I basically do is that I am being myself and I write about things I know, I tried, experienced. I also like to put a bit of fun into every post that has more then 10 sentences. I have no idea if it is working, but I really am trying :)
My blog is also a place where I try a lot of new things and I am trying to find myself. There is this quote I love: " The best way of getting to know yourself is by writing your thoughts into a diary." and that is what I kinda do. 

Why do I write?
I am a creative person. I love to create a content that I can share with people. And writing, sharing thoughts and all that makes me happy. 
Ever since I was little I would come up with different stories in my head and make up a characters and create their whole life somewhere in my mind. I always thought that I am a crazy weirdo, but later I realized I could write those stories down and maybe entertain people that way. And that is IT! I want to entertain people almost every way possible. And combining two things I love -writing+entertaining- just brings a great feeling of accomplishing something little in my life. 

How does my writing process work?
It is always different. The whole process depends on what kind of post I am creating. But the base is obviously always the same and it is getting an inspiration which I believe you can find everywhere around. It can be that candle you have on your coffee table or that book you have on your desk. Maybe it is that old-school song you were listening to in the morning. There is nothing without an idea. So I come up with the concept first. Then I come up with the scheme I want to put into my post. What I want to share first and what I want to mention as last. And then I just let my fingers do their dance on a keyboard. Somewhere in between that I work on a photos which usually takes more time then actual writing and sometimes it end up taking more days then just one :) And then I click that publish button. So simple ;)

That is it. That was a TAG about me and writing. Wow this made my brain hurt. It actually did ahahah :)
So I hope you like this and in case you have any questions OR you did this tag as well please let me know in the comments or on my facebook page.
Until next time.... Keep safe and live your life to the fullest :)
DeniVev :* 

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