There are a lot of fashion and lifestyle must haves for this summer....everyone has their own and so I thought I´ll share mine with you.
 I love backpacks...there is something amazing about them...it is an amazing girly and fresh trend!
 BIKING! going out into the nature and enjoying the ride is one of my fav summer activities.. you should definitely try it out if you didn´t already
 I know that it is not the biggest trend for summer! There is a huge trend of nude lips but this is too brave I guess... I just love it anyways and I´ll definitely rock it for nights out
 FOOD! healthy if possible...I eat and will eat TONS of salads...if I had to choose one kind of food to eat for the rest of m life it would be salads ! :)
 Colorful ombre is such a fun thing to play with...I have so much fun trying out new shades and when could you experiment with this funky trend if not in summer ?!
 Hats, Caps, Headbands! ANYTHING! they make your outfit look totally different and unique !
 Maxi skirts and dresses are my obsession this year. I can not imagine not having them in my closet this season. Super comfortable and extra trendy.
 SNEAKERS! Best friend of yours for SURE ! :) There is something about them ... everyone ikes them and everyone wears them with everything and for some reason it usually ends up as the best look ever ! :)
Sunnies! Rounder and bigger the better...just SAYIIING :D
And that is it for today! I hope you got some inspo and that you´ll try some of these trends and musts of my persona :D
Write me down in the comments what are your musts so we can inspire each other!
DeniVev :*

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